Our Story

Our Story.

Emma and Lisa struggled with planning their time. Being Police Officers, new mummies and new Entrepreneurs they were overwhelmed and under skilled in planning in all of their commitments. Their business’ boomed but time was an issue. Together they created one of the best selling planners – My Pro Planner.


In the beginning…

“There’s just so much to do and so little time to do it in” was the overwhelming feeling we had when planning being a mummy, running a home, being a wife and running a business. We were riddled with “mum guilt” and feeling like we were constantly busy through complete lack of planning, direction and focus.

Our business’ were booming but we easily lost sight of what we were working towards and why we were doing it because we were so consumed with just being busy. We tried every diary / planner / journal on the market but it didn’t help. Some were too basic, others were too full, some would’ve taken us longer to plan what we were doing rather than taking action.

We wanted something that would help with our family commitments as well as business, one place to plan and track all. We desperately needed something to become our indispensable tool and guide to keep us on track, keep us motivated, monitor our success or failures and help us to feel empowered and organised.

We became more structured in our lives, more present with our family & more focussed in our business’.